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A movie that really over-delivered for me! Hadn't happened for a bit.:)

Good...just not that good.

Harold and Kumar 2...
... not as funny as the first, or as funny as I expected.
I actually felt the same way about Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which was still pretty good; just under expectation. hard is it to get a really, good, stupid comedy?:)

Tencent....making money a few cents at a time!

OK; bad pun on the blog title.:)
But great article here on monetization at Tencent, a leading Chinese portal. Here's the take-away:

Internet services (digital goods, games, micro-transactions): $344 million (66%)
Mobile services: $110 million (21%)
Online ads: $67 million (13%)Total Revenues: $523 million

Its incredibly encouraging; also a frightening wake-up call.

Most web monetization initiatives I've seen in the US are around monetizing the attention of users by figuring out the best way to creatively/effectively serve advertising around a product.

Its always encouraging to see examples of product features that you can charge for, that result (for others) in 5X the revenue of the online ads.
The question that you naturally have to ask though, is what revenue opportunities are other web companies losing out on by focusing their attention on advertising, and not business models/features that you can charge for?

Strengths and Personality types

During the past week through a leadership training thingy at work, I did the MBTI personality test for the second time; almost two years after I did it the first time; exact same result.
I also did the StrengthsFinder test. I enjoyed these, which given my MBTI personality type, is hardly surprising. :)

I tend to have mixed feelings about how these are used. I think they're absolutely brilliant tools, but that the results are too often mis-used by people quick to jump to conclusions (:) my personality type to see why this last sentence is funny.)

Both the strengths and the personality type give you your defaults; what you tend to do; what comes naturally to you. The danger is that you (or others) assume that's all you can do, or thats what you always do. Why do I love doing and reflecting on these tests? They tell you, or remind you of, your tendencies and hopefully that's what allows you to adjust.

The facilitator in this section was particularly good, stressing ho…