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The Master Switch: quick review... and we should be worried and grateful

My book-a-week resolution fizzled out pretty quickly last year :-(, but fortune favors the optimistic, so I'm trying again this year and off to a reasonable start so far. I wasn't expecting much from Tim Wu's The Master Switch - I had it on my phone only because it was distributed as part of a book club at work -  but wow.

The book is great chronicle of how information industries evolved to have the structure that they have. The author does a really good job describing the technical, economic and policy decisions that led to the growth of some communication and information industries i.e.  the telephone, TV, movies, radio and the Internet. In particular, he paints a very vivid picture of the people and the personalities involved, and how regulation and influence can dramatically change the face of these industries.

If you buy the idea that we can learn from history, the chronicle itself is worth reading, but the analysis he adds around vertical industry structures and the…

5 things I hope to do more like my 1-year old this year

Today, as I was reviewing my resolutions for 2015 and starting to get ready to head back from my vacation, my 15-month old son did what he often does and started peeking into my laptop, smiling, gesticulating and babbling in his language at me and the screen.

As I rounded out my list, I couldn't help thinking about some of the best qualities I see in him and wished I could do more of the same.

So I'm adding a few of them to the list with the hope that in these five ways I can be a little more like my son this year

Fearless: Its either just in his nature or because children his age don't know any better - but this kid is fearless - which of course scares the heck out of his parents.

He hasn't met a new sound, person, surface or experience that he isn't eager to try - scary when you see him sprint towards a swimming pool. When he was a few months younger, he at least hesitated a lot more. After this India trip where he's met many more people and been to many more …