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Far too many quick movie reviews

While the excessive movie-watching had slowed a bit, its back with a vengeance over the last few weeks.

First, three pieces of evidence that give me cause for concern. Wake Up Sid, Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani, and Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year, seem to suggest that Ranbir Kapoor might be around for a very long time. These movies also suggest this may not be as bad a thing.:)
And by the way, when was the last time an actor had three releases in a year where the character he plays is also in the title of the movie??

"Wake up Sid" is a fun slice-of-life,growing-up,finding-himself, finding-love kinda-film that I caught on Netflix. The sort of film you're pretty sure you've seen before and know how its going to end, but the treatment is fresh enough, the characters are interesting enough, the acting is good enough, and the script is entertaining enough, to leave you with the feeling that you've had a great time. The almost same thing goes for "Ajab Prem Ki...&qu…

New phone unpacking! :)


Gandhi's seven deadly sins

Walking around the HBS campus over the weekend I chanced upon this picture (left.)
More than the picture, the "seven deadly sins" in the lower left corner (picture below.) caught my attention.
With Gandhi's focus on asceticism and simple living, particularly in these times, the nuance in his words is really worth noting.
The way I read it, he doesn't prescribe his own lifestyle for others as much as he does moderation and thoughtfulness: having a conscience, understanding why you're pursing anything, and tempering ambition with caring in all things.

Where did that printout go?

The instructions are pretty clear : "You will need to bring a copy of the printout with you to board the bus", but no one follows them :)
I often take the bus to Boston (and back) on the weekends, and generally follow instructions and take a printout of the ticket with me. Today (like me) the printer at home wasn't feeling a 100% so I decided a copy of the email on my Android phone would have to do. I'd seen a couple of people do this before, so I wasn't particularly concerned it would freak the ticketing agent out.
However, when I got there it looked like paper was the exception not the rule. I was 7th in line. and 3 iPhones, 3 Blackberrys and 1 Android phone later, the ticketing agent hadn't seen a piece of paper yet. He even seemed fairly nonchalant about moving my ticket on the screen window to make sure the date was right. On another note, there seem to a be surprising number of really young people that carry Blackberrys!
There's no reason this shouldn&…

I see dead my social network.

File this under "Something I thought about, while I should've been thinking about something else."

Excuse the unnecessary Sixth Sense reference, what do you do with social networking profiles of people that have passed away?

Social networking and online user profiles haven't been around long enough for this to be a problem yet, but at some point the major social networks are going to need to have a way to deal with profiles of those that have passed away.

This week, Facebook, which has a relatively new feature where it suggests that you to "make Facebook better" for connections that haven't been active asked me to reach out to a friend that had passed away more than three years ago.

LinkedIn did something similar where it told me people who had looked at the profile of the person that I was looking at at that time, were interested in the profile of another person that had passed away earlier in the year; this wasn't as bad as the Facebook use-case.