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Divergent Talent: recognizing the value of those that aren't like the others

This post has a backstory, and needs a little bit of setup so bear with me. :-)

Update: The book-a-week project

Its Week 3 of the Book-a-Week project.

The bad news is that I'm behind.
The good news is that I'm not that behind :-), so should be able to catch up.

I'm about 2.4 books in at the end of Week 3. I'm expecting to keep the pattern of non-fiction followed by fiction going.

Thanks everyone for all the suggestions. It means my list of what-to-read-next is pretty set.

Quick reviews of the first couple of books I read below, and I'm going to keep updating them at Goodreads as well.

The Hard Thing about Hard Things: A couple of people actually pinged me to ask why the heck I hadn't rated the book higher - I gave it 4 stars. But I'd actually given it 3 first before changing my rating. I should clarify. If you haven't read Ben Horowitz's stuff before, this book is just gold. Just "Good PM, Bad PM" and "Wartime/Peacetime CEO" deserve a 5-star rating. However if you follow his blog already, you are really looking for more context and his bac…

The "book-a-week" resolution. Suggestions please!

Well - let's give one more shot to reviving the blog. :-)
The usual - work craziness and now the dude in the picture - have meant that I've been neglecting the blog even longer than usual. I'm hoping to fix that.

Three months into the year, I've failed miserably at one of the resolutions I was hoping to keep - to read many more books. So I'm trying the public declaration trick. I'm hoping sharing the resolution will add some pressure on me to keep it. I want to read a book a week going forward for the rest of the year.

A 50-ish books/year lets me plan for reading a lot of both fiction and non-fiction, and take a bunch of chances i.e. read some books that may not be generally reviewed well but I think I'm likely to find interesting. I started this week with Ben Horowitz's  The Hard Thing about Hard Things. I'm a quarter of the way through - so far its pretty good.

If you have suggestions for other books I should look at for the rest of the year let m…