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The super-quick Ben Horowitz PM-reset

I realized I needed a PM reset today: something to quickly renew myself: remember what I need to be thinking about to do my job well - for my product and my team.

The quickest way to do this is to read something that inspires me.  I knew the two articles I wanted to read first and I realized that they would suffice for the reset I was looking for; I then realized that Ben Horowitz wrote both of em. :-)

Good PM, Bad PM: Ideally this is a once-a-month Product Manager read - to remind yourself what the job is really about.A Good Place to work: a article goes over a lot of things, but the reason I wanted to read this again is the idea that you need to take responsibility for the happiness of the people in the environment you work in. Over time I've realized just how much a PM (or really any team lead) can affect the professional (and hence personal) lives of the people he/she works with.
Thanks for the quick reset Ben Horowitz!