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Busy with Buzzwords: Game Face

This was a so-so week. I got stuff done, but there were two-three days where clearly I wasn't on my A-Game. I was sleep-deprived and was pre-occupied with a couple of (work and non-work) related things which meant I was a little off.

But it made me recognize two things. Its important to:
Work and plan as hard as possible to show up with your A-game: sharp, happy, organized, "yourself"
Recognize that very often that's not possible. That is key.
Acknowledging that sometimes we're not all there, and that we're human, and when stressed/ sleepy/ multi-tasking can't have our best foot forward. Recognize that, and make watching yourself a priority and try to get your A-Game back. Either
change behavior based on understanding that you're not all there. This can mean (in my case) shutting up more, or judging less, or concentrating more or objecting less.fake it! Act a little sharper, happier and more organized than you feel. I'm surprised by how often, just act…

Marketing: replacing a common noun with a proper noun...

Just noticed something....
Obama below didn't say, "clips on TV and the Internet." He said "clips on TV and YouTube." :)


..just Wow!
There are politicians, and there are statesmen. There's clever wordplay and there's moving oratory. There's mouthing political cliches, and being personally honest. Below is the latter. a great example of someone being honest, smart about being honest, and yet deep and inspiring.

Why are there no advertisements in novels?

As I started reading through a collection of short stories over this weekend, I couldn't help wondering: why aren't there more (or for that matter any!) advertisements in books; fiction or non-fiction?

We've accepted ads in magazines and newspapers. So why hasn't anyone tried it in books? Don't the same economics apply? You can either
make smore money by selling these ads (I'm not buying that it'll change the reading experience so much that it'll significantly change the number of copies sold)or this will allow you to reduce the prices of the books, and hence according to basic economics sell more copies....and hence make more money.So, why isn't this happening? All the time? Are you telling me that some Brand wouldn't have paid tons of money to have the inside page of the last Harry Potter book? or a page in the middle? People send strong signals with the books they buy, and I can't help feeling that numerous advertisers would like to be part…


Why on earth can't I stop watching these trailers?


My sense of humor can be pretty infantile at time, but I still think these videos are hilarious..and brilliant.

Now if only the ecosystem existed so that someone could make money every time any of these got played.:)

Paying to not put a name on it...

A great link on the Freakonomics blog from Prof. Levitt. Its about how the Dean at the Wisconsin Business School is getting fairly sizable contributions from donors to not name the building and eventually other rooms, plaques and even urinals in the building.
I think its pretty cool counter-programming. Any institution (especially schools) need to find ways to drum up contributions and slapping people's names on different things has been an effective way to do it. Tapping into the opposition that many people feel towards this is a good idea...

When I was in B-School, we poked fun at the practice a little bit by slapping our names on random stuff. My name is on a section of the mailfolders.:)

Stuff I worked on... the news.:)

Its all over the place too!