Busy with Buzzwords: Game Face

This was a so-so week. I got stuff done, but there were two-three days where clearly I wasn't on my A-Game. I was sleep-deprived and was pre-occupied with a couple of (work and non-work) related things which meant I was a little off.

But it made me recognize two things. Its important to:
  • Work and plan as hard as possible to show up with your A-game: sharp, happy, organized, "yourself"
  • Recognize that very often that's not possible. That is key.
    Acknowledging that sometimes we're not all there, and that we're human, and when stressed/ sleepy/ multi-tasking can't have our best foot forward. Recognize that, and make watching yourself a priority and try to get your A-Game back. Either
    • change behavior based on understanding that you're not all there. This can mean (in my case) shutting up more, or judging less, or concentrating more or objecting less.
    • fake it! Act a little sharper, happier and more organized than you feel. I'm surprised by how often, just acting the part can mean you just quickly grow into it.


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