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YouTube and Chromecast - examples in Product/Market fit

A few days ago , a colleague remarked to me about a graph we were reviewing - "so that's what product-market fit looks like". The phrase stuck with me. You feel product-market fit in the shape of graphs on dashboards, and sometimes you feel it when you see a product being used very naturally in the most unexpected places. I've been going to a chaat place in Sunnyvale for a little more than a decade. For over a decade, I've watched Hindi music videos playing there. If I remember correctly, in the first few years customers were treated to a video in a VCR playing in a loop. I then distinctly remember a switch to what seemed to be a DVD player, and its stayed that way for at least the last 7-8 years.  However, its been a few months since I'd been there and I noticed that the song selection was a lot better than I remembered it. When I saw the home screen, I realized I'd been watching YouTube videos on Chromecast for the last 20 mins. It's the same feeli…