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The power of the sidekick

I just back from a trip back home to India right now. I spent some of this trip helping my mom with bunch of chores - some around the house and others involving lots (and lots!) of paperwork.

What surprised me though is how I actually helped - in most cases the way I could be most useful was to just show up, offer support, provide advice when asked and follow orders. Sure... in some cases, my presence helped practically (e.g. reach and carry stuff, get out and run errands, and I'm a fast proofreader/editor/form-checker), but my real value was in just being a good sidekick.

It made me realize how the value of a good sidekick is under-appreciated. In general, even as children, we're all taught to want to be good leaders and then management education, and indeed most professional career development, is about how to be one.

Sure, one reason to be a sidekick for a while is the whole "Before you can learn to lead you must learn to follow" thing, but there's another.


And so we resolve... including to blog again a bit

Happy New Year!

The blog has been neglected again and as always, I think I have a good reason... though any reason is never really good enough. :-)

But New Years is as good a time as any to restart the blog - and it kinda fits in with one of my resolutions this year.

Last year, I didn't make any and mostly didn't make any growing up.
However, I do think New Year Resolutions are an awesome idea -  rituals serve a purpose and a social ritual that forces you to think about what you want to accomplish (or at the very least what you're not doing) is always a good thing. So make those resolutions, even if people tell you they're silly or you could do them at anytime or even if your track record with them (like mine) is kinda embarrassing...

You can resolve to get better at your resolutions. :-)

However, resolutions aren't real until your write them down and so I just did, and with this post I'm on my way. Here's hoping I have better luck than this guy (video belo…