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Putting down layers, not building monuments

Last Google I/O (Google's annual developer conference) was an interesting one for me - my team had a launch which I was excited about, but a total of 3 things that I worked on at different times at Google launched at this I/O.

My and most of my colleagues work pretty hard - most of the time because we think, we believe and sometimes we just hope that what we're doing matters. So it was with mixed feelings that I received the news that two things that I'd worked on earlier in my career at Google were being shut down.

The news wasn't surprising to me - at least one of those decisions was the right one, but it still hurt. It meant stuff that I'd spent a lot of time working on - agonizing over, sweating over and sacrificing a lot of other things including family over... now just no longer existed - all the work didn't matter at all.


I got over it, but it rankled a bit. Then I saw this video over the weekend.

Its pretty great perspective.

Given what I work on,…