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Quick book review: Shantaram

I finally finished Shantaram! - just in time for the end of the year. :-)  I started the book over the summer and then abandoned it around page 300 until picking it up again in the middle of this month.

I loved the book - both the story and the writing. Both the author's true story and the skill with which he weaves incidents from his life into a Bollywood-style saga are incredibly impressive.

I was curious and intrigued enough to read more about the author and definitely recommend the first few of the following videos (a speech that the author, Gregor David Roberts gives) and if you read the book, his interview on Pooja Bedi's talk show.

I have more Klout apparently.

I'd forgotten about my Klout account for a while, until I got an end-of-year-recap type email from them, which was prompt enough for me to log in to the service.

Can you guess when they started incorporating Google+ into their stats? :-)

Hmmm..does this means I get free stuff now?  :-)

Whimsy! LinkedIn's holiday greeting.

I'm a fan of whimsy (when done well!) in products - I think many products could use more of it.

There are some companies people have come to expect this from, e.g. Google.

However, I've never expected whimsy from LinkedIn, which is why I was surprised so see that my linked profile was viewed by Snow E Mann. :-)

Screenshots below:

Nicely done, LinkedIn! :-)