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The wife's new phone.:)

Hello Nexus S.

New swag!

The team holiday swag was slippers -> I'm even less professionally dressed than usual. :)

Netflix takes more of my money... with help from Jackie Chan!

I'm a big fan of Netflix: both the product and the company. So I wasn't too surprised that they managed to make me give them more money in two ways.

Way 1: 2 subscriptions! Because they invested in a great recommendation engine.

My wife got her own Netflix subscription earlier this year. This isn't particularly surprising since she's in school in Boston and I'm working in NYC, but the reason she got one wasn't just because of the DVD mailings. It was because she wants recommendations based on what she's watched and my movie/TV tastes (I like almost everything) and compulsive rating of things, were making it impossible for her to get good recommendations.
Fast forward to a few months from now when she's done with school and we're living together again: I have a feeling that we'll still need 2 subscriptions; though there's a chance that I might just cancel mine since even though I love rating and discovering content, Netflix's discovery mech…

Raw Notes: Mobile Monday Silicon Valley.

Since I was in Mountain View, I decided to check out the Mobile Monday meetup. Raw notes below. I'll digest this have more to say later. :)
Highlights: Om Malik (GigoOM) and Rich Wong (Accel Partners) were particularly insightful/interesting.Some interesting predictions in Mobile : "Amazon will be big in payment". "Facebook story on mobile is under-reported", "Revolution on mobile advertising yet to come."2011 predictions: Android growth, Samsung winnning, LTE is a story, major security issue on mobile will cause a stink.The US is finally leading in mobile innovation (after nearly ~15 years)Favorite quote: "If you've played the mobile version of Angry Birds on Android with the ads, you know why they're angry.""

Mario Tapia: Mobile Monday co-ordinator/GetJar Topic: 2010: year in review, 2011: predictions Panelists:
- Om Malik (GigaOM) - Rich Wong (Accel) - Matt Fix (Vodafone Venture) - Joe Jasin (DNA Partners) - John Malloy (BlueRun ventur…