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Quick reviews: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang

I also ended up reading a couple of novels over the last week or two. It'd been a while since I'd read the mystery-type thingy, and so I enjoyed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The writing and the plot is really solid and I was hooked right through. The setting (mostly in remote parts of Sweden) is novel and worked for me too, but its the characters that really make the story, so its a good thing they've got a bunch of A-listers contending for the Hollywood remake. :)
Its a great hook-me-entertain-me-mystery. Because of all the buzz around this one, I was expecting more, so I came away a little "that was it?", but the book did enough for me to pick up the next volume in the Millenium trilogy for commute reading.

I also ended up finishing Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang which I probably shouldn't admit in public. Its a set of stories from the life of Chelsea Handler. I felt about it like I do about her late-night TV show. I can't believe I watch it; I know I pro…

Quick (movie) reviews: Raavan, Rajneeti, Get Him to the Greek and Toy Story 3

I've given up trying to say intelligent things on my blog (some would argue in real life as well.) So here are some quick movie reviews
Rajneeti: Great cast, solid story. I stand by what I told my wife when we got out of the theatre in Boston. "Pretty great. It was like Sarkar Raj for dumber people." Everyone in the (large!) star cast did a great job. There were interesting but not-quite-fleshed-out references to the Mahabharata and contemporary Indian politics, but it was a little over-the-top and melodramatic.
T'was a month of directors referencing the Indian classics as Raavan re-told the Ramayana set in present-dayish Madhya Pradesh. I'll show up to watch anything that Mani Ratnam directs and the NY Times got it right. As good as the actors are, its the treatment that's the star.

Get Him to the Greek was fun for me, though the wife wasn't very amused. :) As much as I like him, I'm curious to see Russell Brand play anyone another than Aldous Snow, an…