Gandhi's seven deadly sins

Walking around the HBS campus over the weekend I chanced upon this picture (left.)

More than the picture, the "seven deadly sins" in the lower left corner (picture below.) caught my attention.

With Gandhi's focus on asceticism and simple living, particularly in these times, the nuance in his words is really worth noting.

The way I read it, he doesn't prescribe his own lifestyle for others as much as he does moderation and thoughtfulness: having a conscience, understanding why you're pursing anything, and tempering ambition with caring in all things.


Tony said…
that's deep.
hughdbrown said…
'Principle' is misspelled. Where did you see this sign? Or, where does this quote come from? I can't find any definitive source for this Gandhi quote, like a book or a speech.
Satyajeet said…
Oh yeah. I'd missed that.:)
The picture is hanging in a hall at Harvard Business School. Hmm... I couldn't find the definitive source either.

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