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2 hindi movies....

...that were pretty ok, but could have been so much better.
Caught the late show of Salaam-e-Ishq yesterday. Watching the movie in the company I saw it with made for a completely different experience.
Now in general I tend to prefer the "don't really talk to me; I'm trying to lose myself in the story" approach to watching the movies. The approach doesn't hold when the movie is particularly cringe-worthy and this one of them. There were enough scenes where I needed company to share a "Oh god, what've they done now?" moment with.

Best comment of the movie came from this gentleman during this song
"The British built Trafalgar square to mark their conquering of India, and now we've closed the place to dance on top of it."

As for the movie itself, I really liked it. All the stories kinda worked, despite the fact that I kept sliding in my seat to look away from the screen so many times. I thought everyone in the movie actually did really well and it was good to see Govinda back (and actually good) doing in a role!
The (undeserved) bad reviews had tempered my expectations a little bit, so overall I was pretty happy with the movie!

Now this one, I was expecting so much more! When you expect to be blown away and when the first act has so much potential, you couldn't help feeling a little disappointed by the way the movie turned into a normal Hindi movie, when it had the potential to be so much more.

It was still much better than 90% of all the movies I'll see this year, but still....what could have been an interesting take in the final act on ethics, morality and business, kinda took the easy way out.

Short summary: Technically awesome, outstanding performances from everyone, kinda awkward Madhavan-Vidya Balan track and Malaika makes the most of her 5 minutes. good time overall.:)


shmoo said…
Mwahahahaha!! I've found you. Shouldn't have commented on Josekin's blog.

Not that I have anything to say...
Satyajeet said…
Wasn't really trying to hide this time around though..:)
shmoo said…
Don't deny it!

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