Not Bean there before..

This post is about BlackAdder. Does the weak pun make more sense now? No? Sorry bout that.:)

It stars Rowan Atkinson, and is ridiculously funny. I remember seeing about half an episode about ten years and not really enjoying it much, but after so much positive buzz about it lately and given how much I'm prone to procrastinating of late, I ended up watching 4 episodes of Season 2, and it looks like I've found another way to be happily unproductive. I have Season 3 and 4 all lined up.

It's just a really funny British sitcom (and those guys are so much more comfortable being politically incorrect) and Atkinson is hilarious as Lord Blackadder and the entire cast (Stephen Fry, Miranda Richardson etc.). I just saw the first appearance of Hugh Laurie on the show. He has a more significant role after this. It's refreshing seeing him in something other than House. His acceptance speech at the Golden Globes was so much more British sarcasm/wit than the more usual American funny.


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