Sites and sounds...

So how do I follow up my bold resolution to blog regularly? By slacking off for a couple of days of course.:) I have to say

I'll start with an easy post though: I'll just write a bit about a site that I'm using right now as I type this up: Musicovery
It's a lot of fun, and...well it has to be experienced rather than explained.
The basic idea is so simple, and so well executed you can't help being impressed. My wishlist for the site now is a search feature (probably not coming for a while because of copyright issues.) They recently added the "skip" and "pause" feature I really wanted for a while.

The site now competes with Netvibes for the honor of being my favorite French Web 2.o site. Yeah, I'm sure someone cares about that...

Oh, two articles in ChiBus last week: The first one from the BFL I attended in December, the second I'm not quite sure what the hell its about, but there was a point there when I started.


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