Why I'll always suck a little bit as a blogger..

I was suddenly reminded today why blogging about personal stuff frustrated me so much. The best writing, in fact any effective writing needs honesty. Everything else adds to it, but if that fundamental sincerity isn't there; if you don't really believe or convince yourself of what you're writing, you're not going to be able to convince others either. Now personal blogs are generally about two things: what you did and what you think (about people around you).

I can't do the former because I don't really remember any details about anything that I do; well that's not true; I sometimes do, but I don't really think it's very interesting. What's much more interesting to me is what I think about those events and what I feel. Now, blogging about those things might actually be good for me (force me to clarify my own thoughts) and even fun (I tend to see the humor in everything and my inner critic has as well-developed sarcastic streak.) However, I immediately think about how others will feel about what I write as well, and that's where the problems begin. I think most people won't take some of the stuff I say in the right way. In some cases, it's not right for me to expect them to; in others they just don't have the maturity/attitude to. So I end up pulling punches (or stick to blogging about stuff I read or that is uncontroversial.)

Well, I need to learn to pull fewer; or just land them a little softly. That's why short stories were so much fun. I should clean them up and link em off the site.


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