Basket case or not..?

Mark Cuban's blog is a surprisingly good read. Now, my first introduction to Mark Cuban was seeing him randomly shout at an NBA referee; and not normal crazed-fan shouting; this was more like criminally insane, violent shouting. This has been a fairly common sighting at most Dallas Maverick's games over the last few years.

It's really easy to not believe he actually founded and sold (to Yahoo for something like a billion), which is how we bought the Dallas Mavericks in the first place. Oh, I really like the Mavs, but I don't think they'll ever win the NBA championship. I'll take that back; "ever" is too strong. This bunch of players, as brilliant as they are, are not destined to go all they way. I can't explain it; I just feel it. Leave it at that.

Anyway, back to Mr. Cuban. I've been following his blog for the past couple of months and he's surprisingly articulate and insightful sometimes. This post is not his most insightful, but it makes an interesting point, though his ending (below) is funny, but also a little pathetic, especially because he takes himself so seriously, and wants everyone to know that marriage has freed him of porn. Sure Mark, sure...whatever you say.

"You can find full length feature films on Google Video and full length TV shows on Youtube but you can't find porn. That in and of itself is anti Internet.

Gootube has taken the arrogant position that "You can't stop us. You can't stop people from uploading your copyrighted materials and if you want us to, you have to do a deal with us".

Lets change that.

Here is the ultimate challenge. Everyone should upload their personal porn collection and see what happens. I don't have a personal porn collection any longer. I'm married.

So all you voyeurs, show off what you got. Go for it and report /link the results here.

What better way to call bullshit ?"


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