Finally, a Simpons movie trailer...

... that doesn't suck.
I now concur with the (fairly) popular opinion that The Simpsons have jumped the shark. I cannot ascertain when this happened, but do believe it has. I should have suspected it when I realized that the Simpson's was no longer necessary Sunday viewing for me, and then when they decided that they were actually going to do a movie after all, but better late than never I suppose.:)

Their first two movie trailers did nothing to ease my anxiety. In fact quite the opposite; the first two teaser trailers, I thought, just sucked. There was some wit there along with the trademark kind of stupid jokes that you need smart people to make, but the overall predictability of the trailers made them only marginally enjoyable. Kinda like if you had a smart kid and he/she didn't do so well one year in school. You'd still be happy and supportive; you'd tell yourself he's/she's so much better than all the other kids, but you'd know inside that you'd expected, and deserve, so much more.

Somehow the latest trailer doesn't look half that bad...


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