Just Another Manic Monday...

Mondays are beginning to get a little rough. Last monday was bad (defined as interesting and tiring), but I wasn't expecting anything too eventful this week. Well, think again.
My ability to create interesting situations for myself continues to amaze (and distressa) me.

Let's just say assignments for this class (Macroeconomics) and this class (Going to Market), combined with certain time-tested procrastination tools, meant that I just had 3 hours of sleep before completing the assignment for this class (Technology Strategy.)

As always, the class was a lot of fun and I really enjoy discussing these topics. Headed straight after that to a talk by Dr. Jeffrey Sachs.
I'd read about the UN's millenium goals a while back and was really excited to see him in person, so it was a little strange that I started dozing off during his speech.
Part of the problem was of course the sleep deprivation, but the other was..quite frankly...I don't think I was the audience for that talk. 3-4 years ago I might have come away impressed, but that talk was all about "firing up the troops": enflaming passions, getting people committed to the cause: I'm already a supporter. I needed less bashing of the Bush administration and more details about what he's doing/what the vision is/what the metrics are....and in his mind (perhaps rightly) this wasn't the forum for that.

Oh well...

Played an hour or so of basketball and there was Rueda again in the evening...spent most of the time in between studying and catching up with friends....good day, but these Mondays are taking a toll.


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