Wow...I'm a little bit of jerk...

...well I don't really believe that (I think), but I just realized how much context and mood can color everything that you do, and how much depends on the reader's mindset and what they think of you even before they start reading the article.

I was recycling this chibus article for an upcoming Admit Weekend issue and just realized how many of the things I put in for humorous effect can actually make me sound like a bit of a pompous jerk, and more disturbingly...just pure mean.

Some of it I can blame on a lack of comedic talent, some on the fact that I was a little bitter about a few things then, but still...I can't help wondering how much of this happens in real life. Great..more existential angst for me to deal with.

Wow, that article was so bad it was not salvageable. Nothing from me for this ChiBus issue either.:)


Josekin said…
Yup, that's pretty bad. You missed one crucial point: speed dating with the public policy school.

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