Quick Reviews: Zodiac and Pan's Labyrinth

Caught this last week (or maybe the week before.) Pretty good movie! Works as a thriller, works as the multiple character studies. The cast is pretty awesome and you're riveted all through. Thumbs up!

Pan's Laybrinth:
Caught this one today. I loved it! Every single minute! Wow! I realized at the end of the movie, I'd been so into it, I'd even forgotten to drink my soda.:)
In different places the movie leaves you smiling, cringing, looking away in horror and/or disgust, and by the end of it all, genuinely feeling for almost every single character in the movie. It strikes just that right balance between a fairy tale and a grim reality, leaving you never quite sure what you believe or want to believe.It bears repeating: Wow!

Time Crisis 3: Since, I spent almost half as much playing this game as I did on the movie (both times), it deserves a review too.:)

Pretty awesome! Huge upgrade on the original. You get multiple weapon options and the action scenes are a very slight improvement. Definitely had a huge adrenaline rush, especially when I played it today. Yeah, I need to grow up.:)


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