Satyajeet = सत्यजीत

Oh dear God!! This is so frikking cool, I'm not sure what to do. I'll probably rarely use this, but I can't even believe the technology is good enough to do this, and to see it rolled out and integrated in to Blogger!!! And so easy to use!! Whoa...

The feature is Transliteration and I learnt about it at ContentSutra (that's a good name for an Indian tech site; almost as good as Alootechie:))

Anyway, I should explain. Look at the heading. I just typed in "Satyajeet", but with the push of one button it became सत्यजीत .
It's not the perfect translation into Devnagri, but it's pretty damn close! Now, I've really lost the ability to write in Devnagri; well not really, but I probably write at the level of a 10-12 year old (and not a very bright 10-12 year old.) I wrote two Hindi plays once in college and though the dialogue was all in Hindi, I had to write it in the Roman script, because writing in Devnagri would have taken me too long. Someone later transcribed the whole thing. This feature would have come in handy then!

I'm gonna have one more go at the feature, transliterating the most famous dialog from (in my opinion) India's favorite film:
Kitne aadmi the? = कितने आदमी थे?

Oh, almost forgot. New ChiBus article this week; after a while too.


Faisal said…
Answer: "Theen sarkar!"

Which, in turn, incurs the wrath of Gabbar Khan.

I love that movie dude!

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