Tenure debate

I don't do very well with posting comments to blog posts. My tendency tends to be to take time and passively process what I've read. I also feel like any argument that I'd need to make on a blog would need me to sit back and think for a while to check if there are any loopholes in my logic.
Sitting back and thinking (with occasional bouts of day-dreaming), and the immediate, quick responses needed to write a reasonable comment don't really go together, so I surprised myself by actually writing in the comments section on Prof. Levitt's post on tenure. He proposes doing away with the practice, and I think that goes too far. Here's my principle arguments against it.


Josekin said…
Fascinating, I also left a comment on the tenure post... I think my last comment on Freakenomics was a year ago.
jp said…
Garicano taught you well

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