Ways I wasted time yesterday...

... while I was supposed to be getting stuff done.:)

I thought Tetris was the most addictive game around, then I found Snake, thanks to this post over at MobileCrunch.

Also I didn't know who Sonu Kakkar was, until I realized she's the voice behind 2 of the three songs I can't get out of my head since yesterday. YouTube links below. Hope you get to em before the lawyers do.:) (BTW: Arguments for and against the Viacom lawsuit.)

In case you're wondering, yes all it takes for me a like a song is a silly backbeat.:)
Update: For some reason there's "adult content" warning on one of them though it played on Indian national TV, pretty much whenever.


Josekin said…
What adult content? =)
Satyajeet said…
Apparently, YouTube users find the third video a little too racy.

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