Sigh...yet another post, yet another excuse.

I was pretty sick all of last week and it started exactly on last Monday. I could feel something coming on, but that didn't prevent me from over-doing it and going and watching a movie. Yes, I'm stupid like that.

Apparently a sure way to be really sick, when you suspect you're going to be sick is to sleep even less. I averaged 3-4 hours between Sat and Mon, which meant my approach to valuing a company during my study group meeting on Tuesday was adding another $100 million for every degree above normal body temperature that I felt and just getting done with it. Cough and a cold followed the fever, and despite the required, moderate pill-popping to get me through the day by Friday I think it was officially the second time since I got to Chicago that I had no option but to spend the day all at home. Spent the weekend mostly bundled inside except for a study group meeting or two or three.

Anyway enough complaining. Highlights of the week
  • four valuations a week is definitely scrambling my brains and slowly breaking my spirit, though I love both my classes
  • I'm impressed that the class that I've put the most work in for so far is actually a class that I'm auditing
  • I finally learnt the Bachata this week.
  • I love CBRs. I've spent this week reading a few from the Tintin and Sin City, and as much as I loved the Sin City movie, the comics are simply an incredible experience. Oh, on an aside Miss Jolie was supposed to play Ava Lord in Sin City 2. Having just read the story that part of that movie was supposed to be based on, I can completely see both why she'd be perfect casting for it and why she'd want to turn down the role:

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