Militant atheism...just great...

Argh! WSJ last week had an article on the rise of a more, active brand of atheism. One of the reasons I kinda sympathized with atheists was they didn't have a missionary zeal. Take that out of them, and they're just another religion....just one that doesn't believe in God, instead of its particular understanding of God.

I understand their reasoning for this newfound activism. As Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world." As long as its non-violent, I understand the need for organizations/people to try and convert the world to their view. Its obviously in their interest. The problem is with their reaction when this conversion that they strive for does not happen. The greater their level of organization, the more likely it is their reaction will be stronger and eventually violent.


Josekin said…
Like a mob, you mean? Oh wait... mobs actually believe in God...

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