Three reasons I think the Beeb is cool.

I'm a big fan of BBC radio. I used to listen to the online stream religiously for a while. I learnt two things today this week about the BBC that made me smile
  • They have an incredibly ambitious Web 2.0 program (slightly negative tone to the paidcontent post though.)
  • Given how much news tend to be over-sensationalized and needlessly analyzed today, I think its kinda cool that in 1948, the BBC radio broadcast said "There is no news today - goodnight." I can't find the link to the Economist opinion piece where I read it, but this a pretty funny spoof instead.:)

  • They're responsible for the first three seasons of Coupling. Season Four was good, but...

New ChiBus article out this week as well. Wrote it in a terrible rush, but it was the most fun I've had writing an article in a while.


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