What's on the Buffett menu?

For some reason I ended up signing for the Buffett trip tomorrow. Given my general inertia towards this kinda stuff, I'm not sure what prompted this, but I'm looking forward to being in the same room as the Oracle of Omaha.
Apparently that's the MBA thing to do.

Ended up killing time earlier today with this Buffett video.

Favorite comment:
"If I was teaching a course in business school, I'd ask the students to value an Internet company for the final. Anyone who turns in any number for valuation, will fail the class."


meghaks said…
Dude, that's awesome. You'll love Omaha -- it's the best city ever! When's the trip?
Satyajeet said…
We leave tomorrow (Friday the 13th:)) morning 6am-ish; return that evening.

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