Have business schools got recruiting in reverse?

As much as I love school, and as much as I think the Career Services office at the GSB is nothing short of absolutely incredible, I couldn't help wondering if the MBA recruiting process as a whole could be done much, much better.

I got thinking about this only because this quarter, my final quarter at the GSB, I'm really, really enjoying finance. I'm in two really interesting finance classes with great professors and that's got me completely hooked. I couldn't help thinking, if I'd been this interested in finance beforehand, would the choices that I'd have made regarding a post-bschool career been very different?

The way business school recruiting works, the system is really geared towards people who know what they want to do after business school even as they enter b-school; those who're hoping to take some time to figure it out are at a bit of a disadvantage. I've spent a ridiculous amount of time thinking about fixes for the system, but every potential solution I come up with (delaying recruiting season, barring company contact for a stipulated time, forced classes to give people perspectives on different subjects so that they make an informed choice) leaves at least one of the parties (those-who-know-what-they-want vs. those-who-don't) worse off.

I'm pretty happy with how the end result worked out for me, but still one always wonders...


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