Nike's first cricket ad...awesome!

Creative advertising is always entertaining, and I've always thought that the best Indian ads have always been particularly brilliant. Past advertisements revolving around cricket though, even the good ones, always seemed to be based more around cricket stars rather than cricket. In general, Indian ads of late have been over-using celebrities.

So I absolutely loved the energy of this new Nike advertisement (below), which though it has Sreesanth and Zaheer Khan, just has them looking on rather than being the focus of the ad. The ad is very Nike "Just do it", but also very Indian and very cricket-friendly.

The ad was done by JWT Bangalore, and the soundtrack is a lot of fun.It is a Konkani song so in theory I should get it, but given all the flavors of Konkani floating around, I can barely make out a couple of words.:)

Incidentally, I stumbled on to this link on AdAge, which ranks the top 100 advertising campaigns of the century. Most are really old, but interesting reading.


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