Quick Review: U of M, Ta Ra Rum Pum

I ended up visiting the University of Michigan last weekend. My cousin graduated with a Masters in EE, and Bill Clinton showed up (video link) at her commencement. I loved the U of M campus, and Ann Arbor in general seemed like a really nice place to be. Clinton, as expected, was a brilliant speaker: the right mix of substance, humor, gravitas and pure likability. He opened with,

"I thrilled to be introduced by the University of Michigan's first female president....that has a nice ring to it, doesn't it"

Also managed to con the kids I was with to watch Ta Ra Rum Pum. I loved it, but as is often the case I may have been the only one there. It was a lot of fun, despite having the usual Hindi movie silliness. The production values (considering that there were tons of racing scenes) were actually pretty amazing, and the movie has the best animation-live action scenes I've seen in a Hindi movie.:)


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