I have a new browser!

The browser wars get a little more interesting.

I've been using Safari on Windows for the last couple of days, and I think I'm ready to use it as my primary browser (at least for a bit.) Though I'll still need to regularly keep using Firefox for a while because plug-ins will be a problem.

Why did Apple decide to release a browser for Windows? This artice on Infoworld summarizes the strategic issues well. Basically, Apple has an opportunity to make Safari a platform for development across devices (computers, iPhone, eventually other devices?)  and making this available to as many people as possible, as early as possible makes the most sense.
1 million downloads in a few days is a pretty good start.

Why did I decide to use Safari?
  • The fonts: Joel describes the differences in fonts and font philosophies really well. Bottom line: I really like the smaller, more diffused fonts. For me, they make the webpages more elegant and easier to read.
  • The speed: Yup, definitely seems faster for most webpages.
Hmm, Steve Jobs' obligatory Windows-bashing witticism: "giving Windows users "a glass of ice water to somebody in hell!""


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