Golfing stories...

I've been playing golf quite a bit over the last two weeks. Its strange how I've avoided playing for such a long time despite having the opportunity (my dad has played for ages), and now when its reasonably inconvenient (don't have a car or golf clubs and golfing in the US is so much more expensive than Africa) I'm kind of getting in to it.

Is it an age thing or a post-MBA thing? I suspect its more a peer thing. I have enough friends doing it, that it seems like fun. Anyway, this makes me want to re-read P.G Wodehouse's golf short stories. I remember reading this when I was 11-12 and loving it. I haven't read Wodehouse in quite a while. There was a stage a while ago, when I hardly read anything else. That stage has long passed, but I still haven't come across a modern author that quite matches his humor or I've enjoyed as much. My mother once said that me giggling uncontrollably at regular intervals was a sure sign that a Wodehouse novel was being read.

BTW, Big Nate just completed another timely golf plot line going.


Faisal said…
Loved PG Wodehouse. Psmith was one of my favorite characters growing up. Thanks for this post. It's reminded me to dig up some old gems for re-reading.

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