Some recent column reads: Tharoor, Das, Blair and bout Murdoch.

Shashi Tharoor has been writing a column for the Times of India. Incidentally if you find a newspaper website thats less readable/more annoying than the ToI website do let me know. It used to be just the poor editorial choices on the front pages, but now its even the little things like knowing where to put the "Next Page" links, and the ridiculously indiscriminate use of ads and pop-ups.

Anyway, its rare to find someone with Tharoor's incredibly eclectic background, gift for language , track record of professional success, access to knowledge and clearly ridiculously high IQ, writing on a range of topics of general interest, so today I enjoyed clicking through his columns over the last few months.

Revisiting the ToI website also allowed me to read some articles from Gurucharan Das, whom I followed regularly for quite a while before falling off about a year ago. I've always enjoyed his insight and his concise, clear writing, even though his tone of disappointment about certain things has become a little predictable. The funny thing is I think I stopped reading his column after hearing him speak and then even chatting with him for a bit at a UofC conference on India held at the Law School last year (where I came away very impressed by him.)

Also interesting reads last week: Tony Blair in the Economist on some of his learnings in a decade as PM, and this quote from Rupert Murdoch in Time on concerns that he'd dumb down the WSJ when he takes it over

"Don't worry. When the Journal gets its Page 3 girls, we'll make sure they have M.B.A.s"



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