Once works starts, I'll really need to watch the Google-referencing blog posts just in case, though I'm obviously pretty bull-ish on the company by default.:) So here's one that I meant to post three-ish weeks ago when Google announced their Q2 earnings, which weren't spectacular enough for Wall Street. A few people asked me what I thought (apparently an offer letter from the company qualifies me to have an opinion. :)) Well, I don't know. My one course in Financial Statement Analysis though allows me to appreciate how insightful, Kevin Kelleher's commentary over at GigaOm is, and he seems a little worried. Time will tell if he's right to be concerned. Either way, its a really exciting time to start work there.

Interesting sidenote: you can't seem to buy a car or rent a house in the Bay Area without getting a Google reference just randomly thrown in. For example
"BTW, we have a lot of Google employees live here."
"The Google interns are just moving out."
"Google parking lot is full of this car."

Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about was the glee with which a few people talked about the stumble in Google earnings; classic schadenfreude which is particularly rampant in the Valley and amongst b-schoolers. Actually, thats not fair. I think it just very, very human. Its kinda sad that we delight in other's pain. I know I've had to catch myself, and stop, doing it more times than I'd like to remember. which is why I enjoyed the video below so much. Pity about the controversy, though. Sometimes funny lyrics are just funny lyrics people...


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