Quick reviews: Snow Crash, Simpsons movie.

I just realized that I hadn't done any quick reviews in a while....and naturally the world is sooo much poorer for it.:)

Snow Crash: I'd heard about this Neal Stephenson novel for a while and it was referenced by quite a few interesting sources. It was fun. Stephenson's imagining of a dystopia, of the future of software programming, an imaginitive (but realistic) virtual world and a central plot where religion is a virus (both biological and computer) is really pretty cool. Its even more impressive when you keep in mind he did this in 1992, and quite frankly, this future seems less improbable now than it did back then. The book is funny in parts, instructive in others, and the research weaves into fiction really well. I guess the problem was that thanks to the recommendations I'd read, I was expecting a life-altering tale, and it wasn't one.:) Highly recommended as a yarn though. Also how can you not like a book where the hero/protagonist is a half-black, half-Japanese dude named Hiro Protagonist? When they make a movie, do you think Tiger Woods would be interested?:)

The Simpson's movie:

Eh, it is the second-best animated TV-show that became a movie ever! I laughed all through, but I couldn't help feeling the movies was geared more towards bringing new fans into the fold, rather than satisfying the legions of Simpson's fans that already exist.

It was like a decent (not brilliant) Simpson's episode... just 4 times longer.
Also I ended up sitting next to a really annoying hard-core fan, that gave us a hard time for chatting a little bit during the previews. Reminded me a lot of Comic Book Guy.


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