So what's it like earning a living again?

Good. Except having real stuff to do, seems to be negatively correlated to my blogging frequency....grrr!

So what's it like working at Google? So far..pretty awesome!!

  • Ridiculously, ridiculously open. I was shocked by how much info everyone has access to, and even more surprised at how incredibly people still respect product secrecy. I found myself saying "I can't talk about that." to a good friend a week after starting.....even when the question was "So how's work?". :)
  • Of course I'll mention the usual stuff: gym, massage chair, free food, good free food....there's a free DDR machine in the building next door that I must now go to more often (I played it for the first time yesterday..didn't go well!)
  • The little stuff matters to me too...the other day I had a Powerpoint deck to make; it made all the difference that I could go out, sit with my legs up on a picnic table taking in the California sun while finishing it up rather than sitting indoors.
  • Co-workers are actually pretty awesome. Everyone seems nice and sharp.
  • I like what I'll be working on first....yeah, I checked...I'm allowed to say that.:)

What I don't like so far...
  • Its all about me actually..I haven't been as good as I wanted to be about balancing a few personal projects I've wanted to start with work. I think the trick is to take those just as seriously as I take work, and set deadlines for em...
  • I loved how much tech news and different RSS feeds, I got into the habit of reading over the last six-seven months. The amount of information I've consumed in the last two weeks is soooo disappointing.
  • What's the point of buying a new TV and having DVR, if I don't take the time to enjoy it? Seriously!
Anyway, I think I have a strategy in place to fix this now....and more regular blogging to follow! seriously seriously!


shmoo said…
I bet living in SF would've helped...
Satyajeet said…
Considering that I have to drive to San Bruno 3 days a week....hell yeah!

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