Ok...I'll admit to being a LinkedIn spammer!

A couple of people asked me this week what the story was with the LinkedIn invites they received from me. So I'll come clean. Now, I clearly like LinkedIn. I think its a pretty nifty professional networking tool, but my rule of thumb for it is
  • don't invite someone who isn't already on it and reasonably active.
  • don't invite, or accept an invite from, someone whom I haven't already had a businessy email exchange/conversation or is already a friend.
But I (only temporarily) slightly loosened the first of those requirements earlier this week, inviting a few people I know well, but don't seem to use the site actively (defined as having few connections)
The reason: once you hit 500 connections on LinkedIn, they stop showing the number of your connections to others, and just keep it at 500+. So at the start of the week, when I saw that I was at 493 connections, I just couldn't resist the idea of joining the 500+ club.:)

You probably wouldn't ask, so let me just tell you: yup, I'm in now.:)

True story: just before leaving the Bay Area to go to b-school two years, when my LinkedIn connections were still in the low 2 digits, someone actually said to me, "Don't come back as one of those MBAs who have 200+ LinkedIn connections."



vin said…
Congrats on joining the club. BTW, I was browsing through your old posts about Facebook vs LinkedIn and left a comment here: https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=4053824&postID=4389490397710967214&isPopup=true
meghaks said…
Hmm... I might have to poach your Linked In list to complete mine.

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