Quick review: Johnny Gaddar and Proof.

Much mediocre to good television was watched over this weekend, but so were two movies that I really liked. I'd have liked both movies anyway, but what elevated them even for me was the fact both used the places they were set in really well, and the places held special meaning for me. Given the few movies that use where they are set well, and the even fewer places that mean something to me, this is pretty rare.:)

The movie is a couple of years old, and I was sorry to miss it then. But it was almost better to see it now, when it brought back memories of the Chicago campus. The story, acting (especially Paltrow) and direction is, predictably, really, really good, but the shots of Lake Shore Drive, downtown Chicago and the I-90/94 highway made the movie for me. :)

Johnny Gaddar
Ooo...I really liked this one. The following holds true about mainstream Bollywood movies:
There aren't many good thrillers; there aren't many movies that are extremely well-directed; there aren't many movies that respect the intelligence of the audience; there aren't many movies that show locations Pune that I recognize,; there aren't many movies that pay homage to old Bollywood movies well.

This one does all of em. Its actually easily the best thriller I've seen this year period.


Anonymous said…
if you liked the movie, check out the rediff piece on the director

Faisal said…
Wow, I think this is the first time that you've posted positive reviews for a movie. And TWO movies at the same time. Is everything ok?

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