Revisiting a favorite article I wrote, and hence revisiting copyrights...

I'm kinda kicked about something that happened a couple of weeks ago. Someone wrote me an email asking if he could adapt an article I'd written for ChiBus for something he was planning. My reaction was, in order : "Hell, yeah!" ...and "Thanks".

It inspired me to revise Carol and Klaus (A) one more time. I'd written the original article in a terrible rush, but it was one of my favorite articles for the school newspaper. I think its funny only if you've been to through the special weirdness that is business school and the case-based education format (i.e. its funny because its kinda true.) But still, if you feel like a laugh give it a try.

The episode also got me thinking: "What if lightning strikes twice?" and someone else wants to do something with this again? It was nice of this guy to ask, but I should make it easier.

I've known what Copyleft and Creative Commons is for a while, but have always thought about it in the context of software and never felt the need to apply it to anything I've written (code or otherwise), so I spent some time revisiting both and copyrights in general. Apparently, everything in the U.S. is copyrighted by default (even if you don't explicitly put down the copyright notice); who knew?

Anyway, I ended up slapping a CC-Attribution-ShareAlike on to this one.


Andrew said…
f*cking hilarious. I missed this in the original publication... thanks for sharing again.

you should write more SATire. after all, there is much TRUTH in satire :-).

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