The T-shirt snub

As an undergrad, for a couple of months I really resented a really good company, simply because their campus representatives acted like pompous jerks during interview season on campus. Employees, willingly or not, whether their employers like it or not, are always ambassadors for the company....

...and in the age of ever-present company-logo T-shirts, even more so.:)

Anyway, those who know me well, know that I wear company logo stuff far too often. There are number of reasons for this

  • the shirts are free
  • I'm too lazy to go out and buy real clothes
  • I like the T-shirts most of the time
  • and they're free

Now, in general I only wear stuff from companies/organizations that I think fondly of, or recruited with; their is some overlap there; occasionally it'll be because I stopped at their booth at a recruiting fair and their rep stuck his/her hand out with a T-shirt :), but that was a long time ago.

Anyway, I came back home tonight and changed. I realized I needed to quickly pick up something from the grocery store next door. So I put on a T-shirt and sweatpants, went there, grabbed what I needed, and stood in the checkout line. The woman in front of me was a Google employee, and I know this because she had her Google employee badge still clipped to her belt (something I've done myself sometimes.) Eye-contact was made, so I smiled the gentle fake smile accompanied by a head-nod that you use for polite acknowledgement. I got a quick look-away. "Wow", I thought, "I must look like even more of a mess than usual." On the way out the door, I ran into (I presume) another Google employee. He was wearing the black Google T-shirt and had a "Googley" air about him. One quick look at me, he smirked gently and looked away. "Most un-Googley" I thought to myself as I unloaded my cereal and diet soda into the car.

Then I realized what I was wearing. My grey-and-pink Yahoo T-shirt (yes, grey-and-pink.) Sigh.


Josekin said…
Do you need a MSFT cap? I have one from helping them defend the anti-trust allegations against them! Think Google employees will spit at you?
Satyajeet said…
Doubt it. By and large, we're gentle and civil folk.:)
...also tons of ex-Microsofties here.:)
Andrew said…
solution: wear a linkspank t-shirt

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