Late night talk show thoughts

Some random observations as I watched late-night TV

  • Catching Tucker Carlson on Real Time right now. My suspicion when I saw him for the very first time on Jon Stewart's now-classic, Crossfire-canceling appearance is confirmed: his arguments generally don't make too much sense, he seems to whine a lot, seems a little mean, seems pretty immature and isn't as smart as he seems to think he is. Enjoy his discomfiture below.

  • I prefer Craig Ferguson so much more than Conan, NBC should be worried about that "Late night leader"-tag especially with Leno's forced retirement coming. :) Everyday for years my routine was set: catch the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, switch to NBC for up Leno, and stay there about half-way through Conan before going to bed. Now I almost always switch channels and make sure I don't miss Ferguson's energetic opening monologue. Apparently, his strong accent isn't proving to be as big a hindrance to his ratings as people once suspected. Awesome!


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