Quick review: "Ant Farm" and "The World is Flat"

I'm reading books again....well kinda...

The World is Flat
I'm going through the audio book version of the The World is Flat. I'm a little more than half-way through and its a great listen so far. Surprisingly informative, even though I thought I had a reasonable introductory handle on globalization as whole. The most surprising thing for me so far has been learning about the incredible logistics machine that powers UPS, and just how powerful an influence it has been on global business. Tom Friedman was at Zeitgeist a couple of weeks ago at the Googleplex, though unfortunately I'm probably quite a few pay-grades away from being able to attend.:)
The relatively long drives to work (one a couple of days a week) now mean I can get through some audio books now and I'm looking forward to listening to Nick Hornby's next after this one.

Ant Farm

I decided I needed to read a real book as well, so of course I searched for one that was both funny and short, and ideally readable in short spurts. Ant Farm suits that description on all counts. Its also surprisingly imaginative and original, and I was able to as Jon Stewart put it, "just pick up any where, start reading and laugh."


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