Bad Advertising Promotion Line: Toyota

While watching TV ads today the following line comes on{
"Toyota available for the price of a Corolla!"

This tag line was repeated at least thrice.
Why wouldn't someone catch that this was just a terrible ad!
  • You're making the Corolla brand look bad. To me, I'd never thought of it as a "cheap" option. Suddenly you just put the idea in my head.
  • You're not actually telling me how much money I'll save if I buy a Camry now. You're assuming that I know how much both cars cost...I don't...which means I'm less likely to act like you want me to.
My guess: someone looked at how much they could discount the Camry, noticed that it was close to the price of a Corolla and decided it was a promotional strategy...resulting in the mess above. Good intentions all around, just a possibly bad outcome for the Corolla brand.

The moral of the story? Always consider side-effects and always get an outsider's perspective.


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