TV thoughts this week...

Quick TV thoughts this week: Yeah, I know the quality of my blogging has deteriorated even further.:)

SouthPark: ImaginationLand

I'm definitely a SouthPark fan, though I've come to accept that a huge variance in quality is part of the game with this TV show. Some of the their episodes can be really bad, but then there are times when they can put out just sheer genius. The ImaginationLand trilogy was pure genius; some depth even if you weren't looking for it; incredibly, incredibly funny and as always, reasonable social statements were made. If you'd watched the show for a while, there were tons of "in" jokes as well, e.g. ManBearPig

In other news, I'm surprised that this is a show I can't seem to look away from: Brothers and Sisters, and how good does a show have to be (this one: Pushing Daisies) so that you actually think to yourself "Oh, I better not watch this on DVR now. My mood isn't that great, don't want to risk not enjoying it."


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