Go Speed Racer, Go!

Of all the comic book adaptations, that I'd worried "they" would screw up, Speed Racer was on top of the list. I spent so much time watching this as a kid (ah, VHS) that I kinda care about how the characters are represented...(yes, I know how silly that sounds!) The movie is out sometime (summer?) in 2008, and if the trailer is anything to by the Wachowski brothers might actually pull this one off..:)

BTW, I'm a little concerned that Racer X is wearing all-black in the trailer, rather than black-and-white as in the cartoon. Yeah, too much time watching cartoons as a kid...I know.


Anonymous said…
The Wachowski Brothers have sold out. It's Obvious they've been bought by Automobile Corps to advertise their wares. Yeah, that's right! Get our children hooked on Racing gas guzzling cars. Oh Brilliant. What we need is to teach our children the stupidity of Automobile racing, and how it contributes to the War, and the polluting of our planet. Utterly absurd. The Wachowski's have run out of ideas. This is the second remake/adaptation they've done. Makes me wonder if all the rumors about the Matrix being a stolen idea is true or not. Speed Racer !? What a shame, such a stupid movie for these times. Sorry, but my children are not watching this movie or playing it's stupid video games .
Satyajeet said…
Isn't it possible to separate feelings about racing and the movie though? I mean did you disapprove of "Cars" and even "Transformers"?
Aren't kids smart enough to know (or be taught) the difference between fantasy and reality?

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