Quick reviews: 5 movies

A good friend complained that the world of the arts hadn't been graced by my reviews of the movies lately. OK, she just asked if I was watching less movies lately. The answer is "yes", but still quite a few.
In reverse chronological order of seeing them:
Eh, Wasn't bad really, but the reviews had me expecting more. Amy Adams carries the movie though!
Aaja Nachle
Wow. The bad reviews and reports of a poor early box-office had lowered my expectations, but I had a really, really good time at this one. And in a role that was clearly written just for her, I think it may actually be the best I've ever seen Madhuri Dixit, and that's saying something. The entire ensemble is pretty great, and it works as a simple, feel-good melodrama-type thingy.

Om Shanti Om: Its a standard SRK movie. Good times: predictably funny, over-the-top, a little too melodramatic, you get what you expect. I actually ended up seeing this 1.4 times. Don't ask.:)

Caught this two weekends ago (with the 3-D glasses and everything.) It was interesting; the most interesting part of the movie is clearly the stop-motion technology used to make it. The effects are the star, and they do winning turn.
Cinematically, it kinda worked too as the over-the-top, epic movie in which a computer-generated Angelina Jolie is naked and has an accent that I couldn't really place.

Dan in Real Life
This one seals it. I will henceforth blindly go to watch anything that has Steve Carrell in it. Its a really, delightful rom-com (yup, I like good rom-coms:)) , which stealing from a RottenTomatoes review and a line from the movie is "not ha-ha, laugh-out-loud funny, but human funny"
The writing and story felt very real and Carrell does the adult jealousy bit so very well...


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