True story: I got to do my YouTube project!

A chat with a classmate from B-school reminded me about this and it kinda made my evening!

I work on YouTube in my current job, and I'm pretty thrilled about it. But well over an year ago, in fact in April 2006, for my Advanced Marketing Strategy Class, as part of the required final project for the class I proposed to my project group that we do a project on this video-sharing site that been causing a significant drop in my productivity over the previous few months.

I even wrote in a couple of emails to the email addresses and PR contacts on the site (they didn't get back to me!...and now I know who they are.:)) We ended up doing something else, but I guess I got to eventually work on a YouTube project anyway.

In fact, here's Blogosphere proof (in the first paragraph) confirming the story from another now-Googler. :)


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